Retail Fundamentals

There is a lot of buzz around nowadays about the importance of technology. DMSRetail always recognized the importance of technology. In fact we are the early adapters of technology being one of the six pillars of retail.

However, going after technology at the expense of retail fundamentals is a grave mistake. If you don’t have your house in order, no technology is going to help, in fact it may hinder the progress of the business.

Retail operations management has to be mainly concerned about making sure that the organization has a well oiled machine in place to offer an excellent customer experience and maximizing sales and profits in the process.

That’s what we are concerned about at this website.

What is Retail Operations?

Retail business is made up of 2 engines. On one side there is product or service being offered, on the other side there is people who sell them to the consumer.

Retail operations is the people side of the business. It involves operating the stores successfully to achieve sales and profit objectives of the business.

Retail Operations Management is the art and science of maximizing sales, profit and productivity at store/district/region/company levels.